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godiva and gargoyles

obsessionI came across this picture whilst procrastinating on pinterest. It instantly grabbed my attention as it is without a doubt my obsession.

It is a unique juxtaposition of ‘mental happiness.’ I am always striving to be comfortable in my own skin, accepting of my flaws and to just love my body and all that encompasses. I first wrote ‘I am guilty of striving,’ and then deleted. The inclusion of guilt makes it seem like a sin, a confession I must make, but should such a positive self-affirmation be prefixed by such feelings of guilt?

So it got me thinking is my obsession a healthy one? Of the possible obsessions it can not be unwholesome, surely. To become comfortable in my own skin I tell myself life affirming or motivational quotes at any point I face a dilemma or a challenge. I aim to always channel my inner Godiva, I repeat to myself what…

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Birthday Stars will Shine Brightly

Ramblings of a #bouncefarmer

20150308_131555 The warehouse full of tomato flats. Amazing sight and my granddaughter says they smell like waffles.

Soon, we will have the new photo boards on display. Pat has been working diligently ala Pinterest to get the new photo boards with all the Birthday Kids organized and ready to adorn the walls of the #bouncefarm.  You see, for every private party we have here, you get a matted 8X10 portrait of your birthday star, guest of honor, or group shot. These have been on display on the walls in our dining area but have become too numerous to hang. We have been searching for an alternate way of showing off our Stars.

About a month ago, a woman posted in one of the sales pages on Facebook that she had some old tomato flats for sale. Having perused the pages of Pinterest for ideas to display photos at the #bouncefarm, we…

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