How do you control a busy mind?

Sometimes I find myself having a hard time keeping my mind on one area, I always catch myself making a list, organizing things in my head, to no avail. Well, here are some crazy but easy to use techniques to clear your mind and just tackle one thing at a time.

                       1. Create a clear window in your mind that your looking out of. You basically will block everything in your mind to just seeing a clear vision outside your window. ” Maybe you picture your daughter on a swing sitting peacefully in the breeze playing outside on her swing set.” Or perhaps maybe your window is blank… because you need complete and utter control and silence. This is the part where you control your thoughts, become your own superhero! The imagination has endless ideas.What makes sense is that, “your picturing your idea”.. and what makes you feel comfortable. Comfortable enough to take you away from the bustle of today’s technologies and noise. Feel free to grab the ear plugs.. Everyone is allowed silence and time to focus on their thoughts. Okay now that we have a nice train of thought and a beautiful picture outside your window, try step 2.

                       2. Feel the comfort when you look outside your window. “complete calmness”. please close your eyes block the noise and focus on this vision. ” The beauty of this vision makes everything else that’s so busy seem less pertinent now. As you focus on this vision, you begin to see these balloons float outside the window. The balloons contain the title of the items on your to do list. ” it may bother you some that they are trying to come into this window of yours, but take a step back open your window to see them more clearly, reach for the ones that are most important to you. 

                      3.Now that you have a bundle of balloons containing your items. Tie them to something, a chair, whatever item you see fit to hold them until you are ready to tackle them one at a time. Now.. ” The vision you had outside the window was so peaceful, you decide to take just one of the balloons out, you hold on to this one balloon until it is “popped & completed”. Less busy brain, more focus, “you know you can take on the day”. Stress usually tend to ball up on us like yarn a cat has tossed around for hours, and nobody can fix that mess. “that’s why ya get a new one, throw it away, and start over from the beginning”. Usually a fresh start is better anyways. Just remember that “You are in charge of you”. Feeling pressured by a dozen people to complete a task will cause you to feel cluttered in the mind, but with calmness and clear focus without any interruptions, you can accomplish anything you want. Keyword here is “you”, not “everyone”. You have to be one with yourself before you can be one with everyone. You must find your balance in your mind, body & spirit. This is where you begin your path being calm in knowing who you really are and what your purpose is. You may think, “I’m not really sure what my purpose is”?  That’s OKAY! “Your not alone on that subject. But here is a wise word of advice. If your stubborn and you cant follow in other’s footsteps, it’s time to follow your own. 

                      4. Remember that “Your only one person”! So be good to yourself. You are hero when you follow a dream, listen to your intuition, show others how to grow in their pursuits if you haven’t found your own. If you are wondering where to start finding out who you are because your totally still wondering, then you haven’t devoted enough time yourself, and given yourself the chance to grow because you have been trying to follow other paths. Always walk your own path even if you are afraid, because if you follow others you may get “Bored”… There’s just a time in life when you totally are tired of playing “simon says with people”. How about trading spots? “when is it your turn to play simon says? Guess what?

“This is where you say…, ‘What?

I’ll say, ” Simon Says…—–> picture a window in your mind and imagine you can open it, and be at any place in any time, now Simon says “Welcome to The Internet Window, Type a Destination & go there. If you didn’t find what you wanted to be in school growing up, it’s probably because you were either comfortable just being a kid or you just weren’t focused, and everything distracted you.  If you always get easily distracted, don’t feel overwhelmed, just take the items in your mind and place them in a box, balloon, inbox, notebook, journal, piece of paper on the fridge. “whatever works for you”. Be sure to feel “AWESOME” when it’s “ Marked out on your list!!! “         

                                               “Your Brain is an internet, it’s your window to opportunity,”

                                                          “Find yourself within it, and follow your path”. 


Thanks for reading, I hope these techniques help when overloaded with the “what now?, questions”.   Keep searching because the closer you get, the more clear your mind will be. 

Yours truly,

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